Fall is finally approaching Tennessee with cooler weather and vibrant colors. While we loved crisp whites and minimalistic design styles this summer, we’re ready to bring the new season into homes with fresh Fall trends. Read on to learn our designers’ three favorite Fall 2020 interior design trends.


Color has been back for months, but as with fashion, the most popular colors tend to shift seasonally. Classic “neutral colors,” like blue and red, will always be good choices. For Fall 2020, however, our interior designers are favoring rich jewel tones: shades of purples, blues, greens, and pinks.

We encourage our clients to invest in core pieces that they’ll love in every season, but accessories are a great way to bring in changeable trends. Colorful rugs, throw pillows, art, and even ottomans are some of our favorite ways to add pops of color based on the season.


Gold has been making a comeback for several seasons now, and we see this continuing full force into Fall. Swap old light fixtures out for new gold pieces that stand out and instantly bring your home up to date.

If all gold feels too bright, mix in antique bronze and dark metals like iron to balance the look.


Texture is what makes great design stand out. From leathers to soft velvets, stand-out art and unique hardware, texture adds interest and depth that common pieces do not. Bring in livable texture this Fall with pieces that have simple lines and stand-out surfaces.

Some of our favorites are tables that mix wood and metal, leather ottomans, and velvet upholstery.

Get Advice from an Interior Designer

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