The bedroom: the area of your house the fewest people see, but perhaps matters the most. It is your sanctuary. Did you know you spend 30% of your life asleep? It’s worth investing in an area you spend so much time in but can be hard to justify putting time into it to look good for guests. A good night’s sleep can make all the difference in a good day and good health, so there are a few key steps you can take to make your bedroom a sanctuary.

A Quality Mattress

Your mattress is covered with dead skin, hair, and sweat that your body discards every night in your sleep. Back problems, allergies, and snoring can all be drastically improved with the correct mattress with the correct build of foam, boxspring, and adjustable base. Many mattress companies offer a chance to sleep on your mattress for 30 days to determine if you like it.

Bed Frame and Complete Bed

A good mattress is worthless without a bed frame. It was cool to have a mattress on the floor in college, but if you want to elevate both the look and feel of your bed, put it on a frame and add a complete bed. You’ll be shocked at how quickly a complete bed can make a bedroom look finished.

Pillows and Bedding

Nothing says comfort like the right pillows and covers after a long day. Throw out the cheap fleece blanket layers and invest in a high-quality duvet or quilt.

How do you dress a bed?

Pair any complete bed with a beautiful pair of nightstands and lighting on either side to tie the look together. Otherwise, think about how you use your bedroom. Do you get dressed in there? Buy a floor length mirror. Do you have lots of clothes that you fold? Maybe a bigger dresser would solve your “chair full of clothes” problem.