Quality Fabric is Soft and Flexible

Kids can be rough on furniture. It seems like they like to touch and jump on everything! So you might wonder if it’s worth it to invest in nice, high-quality furniture when there are children (or pets) around? Especially in a kid’s bedroom, are you doomed to cheap furniture?

Living Room Design Ideas

Have no fear! As we mentioned in our blog about investing in high-quality living room furniture

Most furniture companies offer fabrics that really are kid-proof. Similar to the technology of outdoor fabrics, but soft and flexible without a feeling or smell, cryptons are the magical fabrics that repel liquid (i.e., stains) and are uniquely woven to resist stretching, tearing, and scratches. With a crypton, even the most high-end chair can be your child’s favorite spot.


Your Bedroom Furniture Comes in Smaller Sizes

As far as bedroom furniture for children, many quality furniture companies make kid-sized furniture that looks just like an adult line, only smaller. 

While it may not be displayed in-store, a designer can show you kids’ line catalogs from favorite companies that offer beautiful, unique, and durable cribs, dressers, and kid favorites like bean bags and blankets that will last.

Another consideration for durable furniture in a kid’s area is how it’s made. If it’s well-made, it will likely be heavier and thus less likely to get knocked over or banged up the way that a cheap online piece would.

Get Quality Furniture With the Help of Our Design Team

Our interior designers love to bring the unexpected into well-designed spaces, so they love creating uniquely styled kid rooms and nurseries that make mom and dad happy, too. 

Soft colors and simple art-work can still be soothing and fun for children and will be more easily transitional when your baby gets bigger and wants a different room design.

Wherever you’re wanting to make your home beautiful, all of our O.P. Jenkins designers stand ready to help you to update your home with durable and stylish pieces. Contact us today for your personal and complimentary interior design consultation!