The Winding Valley project is located in a private neighborhood with waterfront access in the suburbs of Knoxville. Our clients were moving into a home that had a different style than their previous home, so they wanted help creating a design plan that flowed well with the architectural style and location of their new home.

The home’s beautiful location and surrounding outdoor area is the perfect place for entertaining, and our clients wanted a design plan that would make it easy for guests to come and go while enjoying the waterfront. Our interior designers are skilled at pulling together well-designed spaces that are relaxed and livable for crowds while still remaining high in style aesthetically appealing.

Like other projects of this size and scope, the biggest challenge is creating a unique design plan for each individual room while maintaining a common style that flows seamlessly throughout the home.

Our team created a design that pulled the space together, leading it to flow naturally from room to room without using matching furniture sets. This gives the home a unique personality while remaining elegant and peaceful.

By the end of this project, our interior designer’s favorite elements were the antique, one-of-a-kind pieces that added extra interest to each room and brought more personality to an already unique home.