A young family residing in West Knoxville desired a space that both the husband and wife could call their own and where they can raise their growing family. He enjoys outdoor activities and she desired a bold, bohemian space with patterns made to attract attention. 

Our interior designer’s challenge was to bring two opposing desires and pull them into one home where each individual could feel welcome, at home and in their own space. With an interior designer so skilled in crafting intentional and nurturing spaces, this would come to be one of our most favorite projects. From the cool, blue cabinetry to the colorful fishing hook prints, the design aspects flow beautifully throughout the home. Though we used furniture sets that did not match exactly, each room holds pieces of the other, creating the perfect flow of tones from room to room. 

Our favorite elements of this Southern Living Showcase home were the bold, blue finishes on the cabinetry, the floral touches in the bedroom and the use of dark tones in the living room lamps and dining table. 

This gorgeous home was a featured in the 2021 Knoxville Parade of Homes and the 2021 Southern Living Showcase.

Our interior designer worked to bring the couples two personalities to life in a home that can be enjoyed with their growing family for years to come.