Initially completed for a Parade of Homes, this beautiful home is located in the award-winning Rarity Bay community on Tellico Lake. Rarity Bay boasts beautiful views of the waterfront, so our interior designer wanted to create an aesthetic that flowed naturally with the picturesque location and style of the house.

Compared to our conventional interior design projects, Parade of Homes projects present a unique challenge: designing the interior of a home before it’s built. This Rarity Bay project required our interior designer to work from construction materials like blueprints and finish samples, rather than from a finished home. Although designing a home that is still under construction seems challenging, our talented and experienced interior designer had no problem creating a design plan that fit the space perfectly.

After completing the project, our interior designer’s favorite area was the dining room. The light finish of the dining room table and the beautiful place settings were complimented by the view from the dining area windows.

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