In our latest Downtown Rowhouse interior design project, we brought comfort to beautiful new construction located in the heart of downtown Knoxville. We worked specifically to make this urban townhouse feel warm and inviting.  Utilizing our comprehensive interior design planning process, and our large range of furniture, we brought a comfortable and familiar sense of home to the energy and conveniences of city living.

To maximize square footage in a small construction footprint, this townhouse spreads space over multiple floors. Although dividing walls and the multi-story layout distinguish each space’s purpose, we made sure the interior design concept flows naturally throughout the entirety of the space.

Upon completion, a standout feature of the project is the depth of design in the living room. This comfortable and beautiful space combines bright-colored upholstery with sophisticated neutral-colored anchor pieces. The flow from the living room, across the bar, and into the dining area is an excellent example of how our interior designers can visually tie together different parts of a home, even when they are separated physically.