Located in a neighborhood in the heart of Knoxville, Tennessee, the Bellingham home is a very special project for us at O.P. Jenkins because our interior designer had helped design and furnish the interior of this home almost a decade ago when the homeowners first moved in.


While they were thrilled with their initial interior design, after living in the home for almost 10 years and starting their family, our clients were ready to update their space. Since the homeowners loved their neighborhood and floor plan, they decided to stay in their home and update their interior and furniture, rather than move.


After having such success with their first experience with O.P. Jenkins, the homeowners reached out to us, requesting to work with the same interior designer to update their home to fit their new needs and style.


Our interior designer consulted with them and accessed their needs, timeline, and budget. Then, she aimed to create a design plan that would adjust to the clients’ new lifestyle with children, update the style of their home, and work around some of the furniture that the clients loved from their previous design plan.


Many people struggle to find attractive kid-proof pieces of furniture, but at O.P. Jenkins, our interior designers have access to a wide range of furniture lines that are designed to be safe and durable for children.


To ensure the design plan fit a family with children, our interior designer opted for rounded pieces instead of sharp corners, and she chose performance fabrics on upholstered pieces to repel stains.


After she completed the project, our interior designer’s favorite area was the sitting room that featured an antique rug, original art, and custom pillows. Together, the pieces created a look that fit the homeowners’ tastes perfectly.