Tucked away in the heart of Brentwood, Tennessee, a suburb south of Nashville, this beautiful house is home to a family with children and pets, requiring the interior design to be both elegant and practical.

We started the Belle Terra project with a consultation with the homeowners to understand their preferences and goals and determine the scope of the project. Following the consultation, our interior designer began careful planning. The homeowner wanted a complete-home interior design plan, from the entryway to the bedrooms and everything in between.

Because children and pets can be rough on furniture, it was important for our designer to select pieces that were durable and realistic, as well as being beautiful. Since we work with more than 400 furniture and materials vendors, our designers and clients have ample options to find pieces that fit their needs and aesthetic perfectly.

This home’s abundant natural light from large windows open up the space as a whole. This gave our interior designer the ability to place dramatic statement pieces around the home without overwhelming the space. By the end of the project, our designer’s favorite space in the home was the dining room, which features custom wallpaper, velvet upholstery, and custom window treatments.