Fall is finally approaching Tennessee with cooler weather and vibrant colors. While we loved crisp whites and minimalistic design styles this summer, we’re ready to bring the new season into homes with fresh Fall trends. Read on to learn our designers’ three favorite Fall 2020 interior design trends.


Color has been back for months, but as with fashion, the most popular colors tend to shift seasonally. Classic “neutral colors,” like blue and red, will always be good choices. For Fall 2020, however, our interior designers are favoring rich jewel tones: shades of purples, blues, greens, and pinks.

We encourage our clients to invest in core pieces that they’ll love in every season, but accessories are a great way to bring in changeable trends. Colorful rugs, throw pillows, art, and even ottomans are some of our favorite ways to add pops of color based on the season.


Gold has been making a comeback for several seasons now, and we see this continuing full force into Fall. Swap old light fixtures out for new gold pieces that stand out and instantly bring your home up to date.

If all gold feels too bright, mix in antique bronze and dark metals like iron to balance the look.


Texture is what makes great design stand out. From leathers to soft velvets, stand-out art and unique hardware, texture adds interest and depth that common pieces do not. Bring in livable texture this Fall with pieces that have simple lines and stand-out surfaces.

Some of our favorites are tables that mix wood and metal, leather ottomans, and velvet upholstery.

Get Advice from an Interior Designer

If you love current design trends but aren’t sure how to execute them in your home, we can help. The interior designers at O.P. Jenkins can help you create a design plan that feels updated, livable, and uniquely designed for your life.

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2020 has seen a rise in the need for proper home offices to work from home. Sitting on the sofa is fine for online shopping, but if you intend to do real work from home, it’s important to curate a space that supports productivity. Our interior designers have weighed in on their must-haves for a functional and beautiful home office.

The first must-have for a productive work-from-home set up is proper seating. The right seating is ergonomically healthy, with a seat height that is comfortable for whatever surface you’ll be working on. If you have a flexible work style, a large armchair is right for relaxing with a phone in hand. If your WFH set up is more rigid — one that requires multiple monitors, paperwork, and desk tools — you’ll want to work at a desk and have a chair that will sit comfortably at one, too. We recommend chairs that allow you to comfortably rest your forearms on your desk without raising or lowering them. Personal preference will inform whether you want a stationary chair or one on casters. Lastly, choose a comfortable chair with proper leg and back support. Sitting for hours in a chair that’s too hard, like a traditional dining chair, can cause pain and quickly make working from home miserable. At O.P. Jenkins, we have many beautiful desk chair options that make your office chair look like a thing of the past. High-quality desk chairs are available in leather, upholstery, and more.

The next piece of furniture to consider in working from home should be an investment piece: your desk. Desks come in a variety of finishes, shapes, and sizes. While it’s always important to consider scale, we recommend getting a desk in the largest size your working space can accommodate. This will allow plenty of room for both electronics and spreading out paperwork, as well as a comfortable amount of surface area for writing and typing. A beautiful and sturdy desk can be an heirloom piece and makes any office a room to show off.

Next to consider is storage. Don’t settle for unattractive manilla file drawers! Many other beautiful pieces of furniture can be utilized for both accessible and hidden storage. Bookshelves come in a variety of styles that perfectly blend the home and office spaces into an area that has a purpose and warmth. Beautiful consoles look like decorative sideboards, but they offer hidden storage with shelves or drawers.

Lastly, add beautiful lighting and accessories. While working from home may be a pain, use this area to relish in the freedom from fluorescent lights and lifeless colors. With an office at home, you can add warmth with soft lamps, meaningful art on the walls, and greenery for accessories. Don’t skip this step. Our designers want to emphasize that the details make the difference. You may be shocked at the finished look that accessories create.

If you’re struggling to find ways to create a beautiful space, we can help. The interior designers at O.P. Jenkins are experts in updating spaces in big ways and small, to create areas that feel new.

At O.P. Jenkins, our interior design services are complimentary. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Working with an interior designer may seem intimidating, but our friendly design team prides itself on making the design process all about YOU. While our team has the expertise and resources to make your home beautiful, we always strive to keep your needs and vision at the forefront of the project. Whether you have your forever home sketched out or you need help selecting furniture for your first home, our team will ensure every step of the job is done with care.

So, how does the process work? Read on to learn what it’s like to work with an interior designer at O.P. Jenkins.

Understanding Your Design Needs

We begin every design process with a good foundation: understanding your needs and wants for your home. Whether you call or email us to schedule an appointment or you wander into our showrooms, a member of our team will chat with you to determine the direction of the project. Not sure exactly what you need? Don’t fret — point out the space that needs help, and we’ll determine what needs to be done.

Depending on the needs of your project, we may schedule an appointment to come to your home to measure. This allows us to make accurate decisions based on your space so that everything fits perfectly upon installation.

A Project Just for You

After your consultation, our design team will diligently work to customize your design plan to fit your needs. This involves space planning and careful selection from more than 400 lines of furniture manufacturers and textile sources to find the very best pieces for your life. Once our team has completed curating the space plan and corresponding furnishings for your home, we will pull samples and photos to prepare a beautiful presentation for you to see and visualize your new space.

Ordering Custom Furniture

While we can certainly work virtually by sending you photos and plan details, we hope to schedule a time for you to visit our showroom to see your new design presentation. Whether your furniture is custom or not will determine the lead time from appointment to delivery. If your items are coming from one of our showrooms, we can typically schedule a delivery as soon as the next week! However, when ordering custom furniture with every detail selected for you, the lead time can be several weeks. This is due to the furniture being manufactured especially for you and shipping to us prior to delivery. While custom furniture takes longer, it’s always worth the wait for the beautiful final product!

 Seeing the Vision Come to Life

We will always have your furniture first arrive at our warehouse, where we can inspect it for quality and keep it safe from outside elements. Once all of your pieces arrive, we will schedule an install day with you. Our friendly delivery team will then bring all pieces into your home and execute the design plan down to every last detail, including rug placement and art hanging on the wall. We don’t leave until the job is complete!

 Get Advice from an Interior Designer

If you love current design trends but aren’t sure how to execute them in your home, we can help. The interior designers at O.P. Jenkins can help you create a design plan that feels updated, livable, and uniquely designed for your life.

 At O.P. Jenkins, our interior design services are complimentary. Schedule an appointment with us today. 

After several long months inside, summer and warm weather are finally here! If you’re dying to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home, an outdoor living space is for you.

Between harsh weather, animals, and more, purchasing beautiful and comfortable furniture for an outside space may seem like a daunting task. However, outdoor furniture has come a long way in recent years, and our designers are experts at bringing the style and durability to any outdoor space. Read on to learn how to create the perfect summer space for you!

Plan How to Use The Space

While the outdoors seem less structured than the interior of your home, you will still want to start your project the same way: think of your outdoor area as a room and plan from there. The first question to ask yourself is: how will I use this space? Your use of the space will look different between a screened-in porch, a poolside dining room, or an open backyard. We suggest creating a space plan, which our designers always do when beginning a new project. By drawing an aerial view of the space, you can more accurately see how much room you have and how you want to designate certain areas for lounging, eating, and more.

Next, evaluate your goals for the space. Do you want to have meals outside all summer? Will you more realistically lounge by a fire pit or lay by the pool? Do you want shade from an umbrella or would you dislike the maintenance? All of this matters in determining what you need for your space. It’s easy to get pulled in by a beautiful outdoor set, but if you will only realistically use one piece of furniture from the set, it’s not a good investment. Deciding exactly what you’re hoping to use your space for will help you narrow your furniture search to only pieces that will truly work for you.

Consider your Style and Budget

When you know what you want to do with your space, narrow into what you may want the outdoor area to look like. If you aren’t sure, don’t fret! Our interior designers are experts at helping you uncover your ideal style. If budget is an important factor to you, let your designer know ahead of time. This way, they can prioritize your needs vs. your wants. Luckily, at OP Jenkins we carry over 400 vendors and can source beautiful furniture at all price points, as well as show you options at different budget levels. Seeing possibilities at OP Jenkins is a great way to begin to determine which styles you prefer and believe fit best with your home and your lifestyle.

Work with a Designer to Find the Most Durable Outdoor Pieces

Just because outdoor furniture looks great in a yearly catalog, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be worth your money or last beyond this season. This is why we carry quality furniture at OP Jenkins. We work with only the best designers, vendors, and textile companies who produce beautiful outdoor furniture that will last for years to come. Gone are the days of stiff vinyl lawn chairs in one color option. Today, there are hundreds of fabrics made for the outdoors that feel as soft as a piece of indoor upholstery. We also carry beautiful outdoor rugs, window treatments, accessories, and even outdoor art.  Working with one of our interior designers allows you access to all of these beautiful outdoor furnishings so that you can find the pieces that best suit your lifestyle and home.

If you’re ready to create your dream outdoor living space, talk to one of our talented OP Jenkins interior designers. You can contact us via our website, phone number, or in-store. We are experts at making your dream home a reality!

One of the most intimidating parts of interior design is often the fear of buyer’s remorse.

Quality furnishings are investments, and good design projects take time to complete, so clients understandably want their finished design plan to be something that will last in their home for more than a short season.

At O.P. Jenkins, one of the questions that we get asked by clients most often is, “Will this design plan go out of style in a year, leaving my house dated?”

Like fashion, styles of interior design often come and go. However, it’s not as easy to re-do a living room as it is to buy a new blouse. So how can you furnish your home with a design plan that utilizes current design trends and that will stand the test of time?

In this blog, our O.P. Jenkins design team weighs in on this year’s hottest design trends and how to use them in your home in a way that will feel updated and livable for years to come.

Trendy vs. Classic Styles

It’s essential to determine which trends will fade and which ones will last so that you can steer clear of design plans that will seem dated quickly.

So how do you know if something is a classic that will stand the test of time? The higher the quality of an item, the more likely it is to last and keep its appeal. 

There’s nothing wrong with designing your home with some of this year’s hottest design styles. We encourage it! The trick is to do so in balance and high-quality materials so that you create a look that will last.

Below we are listing some of our favorite design trends from this year that are designer approved to go in your home.

1. Gold Light Fixtures

Brushed nickel and stainless steel had their heyday, but classic gold is back.

Since gold never really goes out of style, we love how gold light fixtures instantly elevate a space to give it a sense of luxury and timelessness.

2. Wallpaper

Yes, please! In our minds, wallpaper never really went out of style. However, with a higher price tag than paint, people have been nervous about investing in bold prints that could be on their walls for an extended time.

Today, many wallpaper lines have updated their prints to be more modern, subtle, and stunning. Wallpaper a dull room for an instant facelift all around.

3. Bold Accent Colors

Bye-bye, grey everything! Color is back! Designers all over the world are using bold colors like fuchsia, English green, and warm orange to make a room stand out like never before.

If color scares you, you can start small with “neutrals” like navy blue or classic red. Pop some accent pillows and shelf accessories to bring some life into a stark room or go big with a green sofa and colorful rug!

Get Advice from an Interior Designer

If you love current design trends but aren’t sure how to execute them in your home, we can help. The interior designers at O.P. Jenkins can help you create a design plan that feels updated, livable, and uniquely designed for your life.

At O.P. Jenkins, our interior design services are complimentary. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Summer brings longer days and greater opportunities to entertain guests for dinner parties. But if your home isn’t “party-ready,” it can feel intimidating to host guests. The key to getting your home ready for entertaining is thinking through the details well ahead of time — and this includes the interior of your home.

We’ve pulled some tips from our top interior designers to help you create a space that you’ll feel confident about and your guests will love to linger in.

Living Room Accommodations

Have you ever been to an event where you have to stand and chat for hours? Standing for long periods of time can be exhausting and even send the best-intentioned guests home early. If your home lacks space for guests to spend time together comfortably, it can limit your ability to entertain people. However, you don’t necessarily need a bigger house to accommodate more people — you just need to maximize seating!

If you plan on serving drinks, it’s also a good idea to provide options for guests to set their drinks down. If wet rings will damage your cocktail table or side tables, put plenty of coasters around to ensure they’re protected.

No matter the size of your home, as long as there are plenty of options for guests to sit down and relax, you can create a space that’s ready for entertaining.

You may also want to consider the guests that will be coming over and what they may be comfortable with. Start with looking at your living area.  If you are hosting guests that don’t know one another, they may feel uncomfortable sitting closely with strangers. In that case, chairs are a better option than sofas because they give your guests more personal space.  If you typically host events for guests who know one another, sofas and settees are great as they allow people to get comfortable and encourage conversation.

Dining Room Accommodations

In the dining room — dining tables have a limit for how many people they can comfortably seat — but it’s never a bad idea to have a few extra chairs and stools available to pull up for last-minute dining guests.

How to Host an Unforgettable Dinner Party

Once seating is covered, ensure there is adequate low lighting around your home, such as lamps and sconces. This allows you to customize the lighting room by room so that you can adjust the ambiance throughout your house as desired.

If you plan to entertain outdoors, add outdoor lighting fixtures in your favorite finish and style. O.P. Jenkins has a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures that can be mounted to the exterior of your home and can work with either electricity or a gas flame.

Lastly, add the finishing touches. When it comes to entertaining, details make the difference.

A gorgeous place setting is just the beginning of a beautiful tablescape. A custom tablecloth, stand-out centerpiece, fresh flowers, and candles all elevate your table from homemade to magazine-ready.  To begin, place table settings with all the flatware your guests will need — this will show that you’ve prepared for them.  If your day-to-day dining pieces are too casual or dated, purchase a few sets of artist-made plates and serving pieces, like Julåiska, to have ready to pull out for special occasions. These pieces look polished without looking flashy. To make a strong first impression that shows you know style, add details like name cards and cloth napkins.

We designed and furnished this lakefront home for the Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville’s 2019 Parade of Homes, so it was important that the home be ready-to-show. However, since it was a real home for our clients, we wanted to create a space that would also be functional and livable.

In addition to working in such a beautiful home and with the homeowners, we had the pleasure of working alongside the homebuilder, Mike Stevens Homes. Working with the homebuilder not only allowed us ample chance to design the interior of the home, but it also gave our interior designers the opportunity to plan furnishing and details that truly flow with the core of the home’s personality.

Our interior designers worked with the homeowner and the builder from the start of the process and were able to give advice on everything, including aesthetic choices made in the building process, such as finishes and paint colors.

While homeowners are often eager to move their old belongings into their new home and get situated, our interior designers agree that there is a benefit in having the option to be completely creative and look

kitchen in lakehouse with dining table and slipcover dining chairs at the space as a whole, from the builder’s floor plans. In a blank-slate space, the interior design’s potential is nearly endless and ensures that every detail can be customized to the homeowners’ liking, with colors and textures that suit the space.

Collaborating on this process with homeowners gave our interior designers a full picture of the needs and end goals of the project. We had an in-depth initial consultation with the homeowners to learn how they hoped to use the space, revealing important details, like their desire to have an updated and clean design style, rather than a rustic style that’s often found in lakeside homes.

Initial consultations are an important part of our process at O.P. Jenkins because they allow our friendly and experienced interior designers to establish good communication and develop a clear understanding of the clients’ hopes and needs, minimizing surprises and delays along the way and making for an enjoyable process for our clients.

After the initial consultation, our designers gathered the appropriate resources from the builder, such as floor plans, lighting plans, and samples of all finishes that were going to be used. With resources in hand, our designers began creating the design plan to bring the stunning lakeside house to life.

Because our designers carefully planned the space, all furniture in the lakeside getaway project has the proper scale, functionality, and color scheme. From the open living area to the intimate sitting area, our lake house interior design encourages quality time with loved ones.

Some of our favorite details include the balance in the living room of clean upholstery, like the cream-colored sofa, and natural elements, like the refurbished wood coffee table. This kind of balance doesn’t happen accidentally; interior designers are especially skilled at pulling together different styles, materials, colors, and textures in a way that adds interest — not chaos — to a room.

In addition to boasting a 360-view of the water, this lakeside getaway has new elements that make the space aesthetically appealing. However, a closer look reveals the many antique details that make the space livable for families and any group ready to relax after a long day enjoying the lake.

At first glance, furnishing your home to be warm and inviting seems simple, but if you just moved into a new house and you’re standing in an empty room, trying to imagine the possibilities can feel overwhelming.

From the color of your walls to the pillows on your sofa, it’s the details that make the difference. Homes that feel too cold and stark can be aesthetically interesting, but they risk giving the impression that guests cannot make themselves at home. On the contrary, homes that are well-balanced between beauty and comfort offer an environment that wows guests and invites them to get comfortable.

Are you trying to make your living room a conversation space? Here, our talented interior designers have given a few practical interior design tips to create a space that encourages conversation and comfort.

Creating a Space Plan

Before you decide on a new sectional, coffee table, or accent chairs, start with a space plan. Think about all the different things you want to do with your living room.

For most people, the living room is a place to relax and entertain guests, but you may have other uses, too. Do you want to have a quiet place to read? Is it the central television room for your family? Everyone’s needs are different, and figuring out how you want to use the room is the first step to creating a conversation space that you’ll love for years to come.

Once you’ve decided on how you want to use your space, it’s time to think about where to place your furniture. How can you use your area most efficiently? For a living room, it’s important to consider your layout and traffic patterns. Making your living room easier to move around can have a significant impact on how comfortable and inviting it feels for guests. Obstructed traffic patterns can make things feel cramped and closed off, discouraging people from mingling.

Choosing the Right Kind of Furniture

Your furniture can make or break the atmosphere of your room. If you’re not sure where to start, our interior designers recommend swivel chairs. Swivel chairs make a space flexible and offer a world of possibilities. With swivel chairs, guests can turn from one conversation to another easily.

When choosing a sofa or a sectional, think about how far back your guests will sit. Your furniture should still be comfortable for people while sitting upright to help create a space for conversation. For a deep or extra soft sofa, keep extra throw pillows around for a quick solution to add back support.

Don’t forget to have a few spare chairs ready, just in case you have a few more guests than you anticipated.

Keeping Drinks Within Arm’s Reach

When you’ve picked your furniture, determine where your guests will place their drinks and snacks.

If the space allows, a communal coffee table is always important, but you may also want to include side tables so that guests can keep things within arm’s reach. Creating extra surface area for glasses, snacks, and lamps ensures guests can relax, encouraging more opportunities for conversations.

Get Advice from an Interior Designer

If you’re struggling to make your living room conversational, we can help. The interior designers at O.P. Jenkins can help you create a great space plan that feels like a natural gathering spot for friends and family.

At O.P. Jenkins, our interior design services are complimentary. Schedule an appointment with us today.

After weeks of staring at paint swatches, comparing eggplant purple to forest leaf green, you finally got up the courage to buy the paint color and put it on the walls.

It was bold.
It was beautiful.
Until it wasn’t.

Suddenly, grey was everywhere. Beautifully designed grey rooms started showing up in your Instagram feed and every magazine you flip through.

Grey looks so fresh, so clean, so simple, but will its popularity last? Is it possible that this clean, soothing color palette could ever become unappealing or even go out of style? Is it worth replacing everything?

In the past decade or so, neutrals have replaced color at the forefront of the interior design industry. Rich red sofas and blue carpet made way for white linen, grey walls, and texture. Neutrals have a relaxing, updated, hotel-like allure to their simplicity.

They’re a breath of fresh air that may be here to stay for a while, but before you whitewash your entire living space, check out these tips from one of our O.P. Jenkins interior designers, Kim Jackson.

Here are Kim’s go-to tips for balancing colors and neutrals.

Neutral Designs Don’t Have to be Boring

living room with fireplace design

In some neutral designs, it feels like something’s missing. Sure, it looks clean, but it’s just not quite right.

Fortunately, a neutral design doesn’t mean “blah,” and working with an experienced interior designer can help make the space more appealing.

“A neutral design can be soothing, clean, and interesting,” Kim says. “But done wrong, it can be stark or boring.”

Ask About Performance Fabrics

Neutral looks fantastic when it’s clean, but if you have accident-prone children or pets, it can be intimidating. One of the most common fears preventing people from transforming their home into a clean, bright space is simply the durability of it all.

living room ideas with neutral sectional

But thanks to performance fabrics, you can leave those worries in the past and have a practical and beautiful living room!

“You need not fear upholstered fabrics in light or neutral colors,” Kim says. “There are now wonderful performance fabrics that are stain-resistant, and products professionally applied that can help keep those sticky fingers from leaving permanent stains.”

Neutral Spaces Don’t Have to be Minimalist

Another common misunderstanding about neutral spaces is that they have to be minimalist, but minimalism isn’t always realistic or even desired.

Lakeside home furnitureKim notes that she often creates clean and comfortable neutral spaces. Your interior designer’s creativity  and professional expertise is the trick to finding the right balance.

“A clean palette means just the right amount of accessories,” Kim says. “Too many equals clutter. Too few equals not done. The right selection of furniture frames, fabrics, and textures make all the difference in a more neutral palette.”

Mix Warm and Cool Colors

As far as the old “keep color families together” rule? Kim disagrees.

“Warm colors and cool colors can and should cohabitate,” Kim says. “A good interior designer can help you achieve a look that is clean but not cold feeling.”

While neutral color palettes are popular, color seems to be popping up in new designs. Different colors are popular at different times, but the most important thing to remember when you’re choosing a color scheme is to choose colors you love! A good designer can help you achieve the feeling and sentiment you want your home to express.

If you want to love your colorful home for years, get an interior designer’s help. They’re color experts, after all! An interior designer can help you balance your stylish pops of color with a clean, more soothing feel. If you’re nervous, work with your interior designer to experiment with complementary accessories that are easy to switch out.

Want some help balancing neutrals with some of your favorite colors? Visit one of our O.P. Jenkins stores to work with an interior designer and discover a wide variety of quality home furniture and unique accessories that cover the whole spectrum of colors and neutrals.

Contact us today to set up an interior design consultation.

Quality Fabric is Soft and Flexible

Kids can be rough on furniture. It seems like they like to touch and jump on everything! So you might wonder if it’s worth it to invest in nice, high-quality furniture when there are children (or pets) around? Especially in a kid’s bedroom, are you doomed to cheap furniture?

Living Room Design Ideas

Have no fear! As we mentioned in our blog about investing in high-quality living room furniture

Most furniture companies offer fabrics that really are kid-proof. Similar to the technology of outdoor fabrics, but soft and flexible without a feeling or smell, cryptons are the magical fabrics that repel liquid (i.e., stains) and are uniquely woven to resist stretching, tearing, and scratches. With a crypton, even the most high-end chair can be your child’s favorite spot.


Your Bedroom Furniture Comes in Smaller Sizes

As far as bedroom furniture for children, many quality furniture companies make kid-sized furniture that looks just like an adult line, only smaller. 

While it may not be displayed in-store, a designer can show you kids’ line catalogs from favorite companies that offer beautiful, unique, and durable cribs, dressers, and kid favorites like bean bags and blankets that will last.

Another consideration for durable furniture in a kid’s area is how it’s made. If it’s well-made, it will likely be heavier and thus less likely to get knocked over or banged up the way that a cheap online piece would.

Get Quality Furniture With the Help of Our Design Team

Our interior designers love to bring the unexpected into well-designed spaces, so they love creating uniquely styled kid rooms and nurseries that make mom and dad happy, too. 

Soft colors and simple art-work can still be soothing and fun for children and will be more easily transitional when your baby gets bigger and wants a different room design.

Wherever you’re wanting to make your home beautiful, all of our O.P. Jenkins designers stand ready to help you to update your home with durable and stylish pieces. Contact us today for your personal and complimentary interior design consultation!