Dining Room with neutral palette to fit into open concept living area

Are you looking to transform your dining area into a warm, inviting space with a charming, countryside vibe? Rustic dining rooms are all about embracing the beauty of raw materials and natural elements. They create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, perfect for a family home. At Op Jenkins Furniture and Design, we understand that every interior design project is different, and our interior design team is passionate about helping you get the look you want. Here are some helpful tips on how you can add rustic charm to your dining room.

Choose the Right Furniture

The first step in creating rustic dining rooms is selecting the right furniture. Opt for pieces made from a natural material like wood. A large wooden table with a distressed finish can be the focal point of your rustic dining room. Pair it with matching chairs for a cohesive look. If you want to lean into the casual, rustic vibe, consider using benches instead of chairs.

Remember, perfection is not the goal here; rough edges, visible grain patterns, and knots in the wood add to the rustic appeal.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Rustic design is all about bringing the outdoors in. So don’t shy away from incorporating natural elements into your design! This could be anything from a leather seat, an animal pelt, or even artificial moss balls.

Consider using stone or brick accents on one of your walls for an edgy, exposed look. If you’re willing to take on the project, exposed wooden beams on the ceiling can also enhance the rustic feel of your dining room.

Play with Textures

Texture plays a crucial role in creating a rustic look for your dining room. Mixing different textures adds depth and interest to the space while keeping it warm and cozy.

Not sure how to mix textures? A good example would be pairing a wooden table that has a smooth surface with chairs upholstered in fabric for contrast. Another easy way to add texture is by layering rugs made from natural fibers.

Use Warm, Earthy Colors

When it comes to rustic dining rooms, the color palette typically includes warm, earthy tones – think browns, beiges, greens, and grays. Painting your walls in these colors can instantly give your dining room a rustic feel.


Finally, accessorizing thoughtfully can tie together all elements of your rustic dining room design while adding character to the space. Consider using hanging antique cooking utensils on walls as art pieces! Table runners made from burlap or linen can add texture to your table setup while keeping it simple and elegant.

Remember, creating rustic dining rooms is all about embracing imperfections and incorporating raw materials and earthy colors! When you work with an O.P. Jenkins interior designer, you can feel confident that you’ll get the look you want. Our interior designers work within your budget to design spaces that match your tastes and style. Whether one room or an entire house, our interior designers are here to help.